What is so special about Funko Pop?

Funko offer something for everyone. Everyone has a favorite character and to be able to display your favorite superheroes, tv show character, favorite movie characters, musicians and more! 

Why are Funko Pops valuable?

The major factors that make a Funko Pop valuable are the limited quantity of pieces made and whether it is a standard or Chase Pop Vinyl. A Chase funko pop is one out of a line that looks slightly different then the original and the chance of getting one in your order varies by the funko pop itself. This alone does not guarantee that your purchase will become valuable. Still, if it is part of a restricted quantity, such as only 1,000 pieces manufactured, you can be sure it will become a rare item shortly. The value is determined by collector demand.


Is there really something in a Funko Pop?

Funko pops are constructed from vinyl, which is manufactured in such a way that it creates a vinyl shell of a figure that is hollow inside, which aids in weight and the semi-pliable texture of the figure. Some figures have extra support or weight added to areas of the head, which is more vinyl from the mold, and you may occasionally hear a rattling in the head.


Why do people collect Funko Pops?

Collecting Funko Pop figures is enjoyable because each one is unique. Owning a piece of your favorite literary character or sports player offers you a physical presence in their world. You may have fun with your pops in various ways, whether you leave them in the box or take them out.


Where is the best place to buy Funko Pop?

D-Pop offers the most perks with each purchase such as points for your next purchase, and the best priced accessories for all of your items guaranteed. We also offer pre-orders first meaning you will get the item you want first! Everything you see that is available to order will ship within one business day, and we will answer any of your questions within an hour. Join us, and sign up to our newsletter to be the first to pre-order or order hot items in stock.

What is an exclusive Funko Pop? 

Exclusive funko pop figures are made for a specific store and are not sold anywhere else. Stores such as Target, Walmart, Hot Topic, and Game Stop are some of the few that offer Funko Pop Exclusives.

What does a Flocked sticker mean?

The sticker that says Flocked on a Funko pop means that is made out of a fuzzy material.

What is a Pre-Order?

A pre-order item is an item that has not yet been released. The date is given by by the distributor most times as a month, and not a specific date. The date might also change and many times it can even come earlier than later. 


Why should I pre-order Funko Pops?

Pre-ordering Funko pops ensures that you receive the funko pop as soon as it is released. Many funko pops sell out as soon as they hit the market. The sooner you pre-order the funko pop the more you guarantee you will have the one you want. Some funko pop even sell out pre-order. 

What is a vaulted figure?

A Funko Pop vaulted figure is a figure that is no longer in production therefore it is called vaulted.